Time > Money

Time > Money.

Time is a resource you’re not getting back. Here are some ways to get more people to respect your time ;).

1. Only accept meetings with a clear purpose or agenda. Ask for the agenda beforehand and cut unnecessary topics of discussion.
2. Charge for your time. Include commute and wait if they’re late.
3. If someone is late to a meeting, start and close the door.
4. Limit call durations to 15 minutes.
5. Answer texts, emails in batch once a day. Avoid being constantly plugged in and available to chat 24/7.
6. Target high priority tasks and messages same day.
7. Let low priority emails slide. Let go of the perfect inbox.
8. Walk fast.
9. Hold standing meetings.
10. State your preferred method of communication.
11. Invite only who you need to at meetings.
12. Hold a no cell phone policy. Enforce that you and attendees are 100% present.
13. Of course, respect other people’s time.
14. Make it a priority to place boundaries on how your time is spent.
15. Ask for your needs. Don’t waste time reinventing the wheel.
16. Only do value added work. Don’t be busy for the sake of being busy.
17. Prepare and plan. “Don’t think just do” is a time trap.
18. Say no!
19. Start phone calls with “how can I help?”
20. Send and encourage shorter emails.

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