Stick With It

Dreaming small is the new dreaming big.

Aiming for the $100M business or six-pack abs (or whatever your goals are) can backfire.

Instead, try this:

1. Create goal step ladders.
This chunks your goal down into tiny steps.

Process > end game.

Ex 1: I wanted to get in shape. Creating a step ladder took me from never working out to eating clean and going to the gym 1-2 hours per day. In the process, I’ve had fantastic fitness transformations and became a much better runner and yogi.

The focus was on advancing each week, not losing X pounds.

2. Join a community with a strong social pull in line with your goal.

Ex 2: Yoga and spin classes.

3. Establish accountability. Let’s say you procrastinate. Be the leader of a club that is all about not procrastinating.

Ex 3: During my first job out of college, I started the Young Investors Club with some smart peers because I really had no clue how to manage my money.

This lights a fire under your tush when 7 people are counting on you. 😉

4. Treat yourself.

Ex 4: Slowly build your biz clothes wardrobe when you land interviews and make it to the next round.

5. Neuro-hacks.

Ex 5: Use a password like L@nd1nterv!ews (not mine).

6. Make it easy.

Ex 6: Join a gym within walking distance.

Post Inspo: Stick With It by Sean Young, PhD

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