Staying Relevant

As a chemical engineer in the age of tech, I’ve been finding it hard to stay relevant.

Well, here are five ways you can stay in demand –

1. Join social and professional groups.

There’s something for everybody.

2. Stay on top of the job market.

It’s a numbers and networks game.
Keep applying, trying, and leveraging your professional connections.

3. Invest in yourself through training and education.

I have been actively taking courses online and learning from hands-on experience to acquire skills in AutoCAD, financial modeling and valuation, marketing, branding, product development, and next up on my list, Python, accounting, and angel investing. For free!

Keep growing! With so many free resources online, you can learn new skills affordably and from anywhere with wifi.

4. Practice compassion and patience.

Sometimes, no matter how proactive or hard-working you are, you can still find yourself without a career or in financial difficulty.

5. Cultivate interests outside of work.

Yoga, regular exercise, and meditation are huge for me, actually, necessary.

Credit: MissΒ Kumar

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