Meet Bear

Last week, a friend showed me something interesting.

He introduced me to Bear, his pet. Bear is a 100 lb. chocolate lab who shifted my perspective.

He directed Bear into the bathroom and then blocked off the doorway with a small, wooden frame.

Bear could have easily knocked down this frame – it was flimsy, light, and leaning against the wall, unfixed. A light tap would have done it.

He didn’t move. He thought he was trapped. He stayed in the bathroom as long as the fence was up.

I could tell Bear was feeling anxious by this experience. He genuinely felt he could not help himself in this situation, even though the barrier in place was completely artificial.


This massive, brown dog shouldn’t have been intimidated by this fake fence.

I almost teared up.

Perhaps as a puppy, this fence would have posed a challenge.
But Bear is grown. Actually, GIGANTIC.

Are there fake barriers to moving you forward?

Let’s test and destroy those self-imposed limitations.

I’m always surprised to find what barriers have historically kept me back, some much more ridiculous than Bear and the fence.

Identifying these limits can be hard since they’re so ingrained and unchallenged. Fixing them can be as easy as testing boundaries.

Find new thought patterns that serve you.

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