Less Is More

How do you know when you’re spread too thin?

The indicators:

1. You’ve put your health on the backburner.
Read: you’re getting minimal sleep, missing meals, not exercising, gaining weight, and feeling isolated from friends and family.

2. You have more tasks than you’re able to keep track of and execute efficiently on.

3. It’s dizzying going through your day.

4. There is very little overlap in your tasks, and most of the projects require a learning curve.

5. You consistently miss deadlines and output below expectations.

6. You’re not sure on the status, priority, or next steps on most of the projects.

7. Others have expressed you should take it easy, or have been providing more “constructive criticism” than usual.

8. You’re feeling overly anxious or stressed.

Clearly, this isn’t sustainable long-term, and even counter-productive.

The solution?

Adjust deadlines and expectations.
Focus. Cut back on projects/tasks that are not meaningful and high-value-added.
Outsource when you can.
Re-prioritize and get organized.
Define tasks as either important/not important and urgent/not urgent.
Set and enforce clear boundaries.
Think: what matters most to you?

Less is more.

It’s time to go a mile in one direction vs. centimeters concentrically.

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