I’ve Hacked Job Hunting

I’ve “hacked” job hunting over the past several months.

Here’s an 80/20 solution that has landed me multiple interviews. And no, you don’t need a large network.

1. Focus. Find and dissect relevant job descriptions. Tailor your resume to maximize the keywords used.

2. Optimize your LinkedIn SEO and “turn on” your career interests for recruiters. More traffic/visbility = more opportunity.

3. Ditch ZipRecruiter/Indeed. Applications get viewed, but interviews are sparse. Use these tools passively (upload your resume and mobile apply to jobs in your free time).

Instead, use these sites as your job pipeline and apply directly to the company’s site.

4. Send connection requests with personalized messages to both 3rd party and company recruiters. Schedule calls! Have your pitch and plan ready. This can be hit or miss, but recruiters are generally responsive, and better than applying to a black hole.

5. Get involved in professional groups that host company tours. Tours have been THE most effective in landing interviews. 100% yield!

6. Attend conferences, info sessions, career fairs. Get face time!

7. Schedule informational interviews with people in your desired industry. Find and develop these relationships. Ask for a tour, or better, a referral.

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