Imposter Syndrome

Do you ever get imposter syndrome?

*Hands up* I do.

Do you feel like you don’t deserve to be where you are?

Why do we question the results of our hard work?
More importantly, what can we do to eliminate this doubt?

Imposter syndrome is HARMFUL.

The effects include:

Not applying for jobs, promotions, and other employment opportunities
Not submitting papers to conferences or journals
Disclaiming or understanding experience and skill
Nervousness, stress, and worry
Feeling like a fraud
Overpreparing for tasks
Attributing successes to chance or luck

Booo! NO MORE.

Try this:

1. Remind yourself that you worked very hard to get to here
2. Eliminate “weak” words in your emails and speech (e.g. “I was perhaps just wondering…”)
3. Keep a fan journal and pack it full of “go you” awards, emails, and wins – reference this often!
4. Stay true to your style – that could mean dressing the way you want, not how people expect you to
5. Some days you just have to fake it until you make it
6. Realize most people feel this way, sometimes daily
7. Power poses, smiling, exercise, and positive affirmations

Credit: Miss Bansal

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