Excel Shortcuts

Calling all Excel nerds.

Here are some fun shortcuts.

Ctrl+` (display all formulas)
Ctrl+” (copy value, cell above)
Ctrl+’ (copy formula, cell above)
Ctrl+G (go to)
Ctrl+9 (hide rows)
Ctrl+0 (hide columns)
Ctrl+D (fill down)
Ctrl+R (fill right)
Ctrl+Shift+& (outline cells with border)
Ctrl+Shift+_ (remove border)
Ctrl+K (insert hyperlink)
Alt+= (autosum)
Ctrl+[ (select cells referencing formula)
Tab (move cell by cell)
Ctrl+Shift+$ (currency format)
Ctrl+Shift+% (percentage format)
Ctrl++ (insert)
Ctrl+- (remove)
Ctrl+Spacebar (select column)
Shift+spacebar (select row)
Ctrl+A (select all)
Ctrl+Shift+right/left/down/up (select filled cells)
Ctrl+Alt+V (paste special dialogue)
Alt+E+L (delete current sheet)
Alt+O+H+R (rename current sheet)
Alt+E+M (move or copy current sheet)
Ctrl+Page Up (switch over to the next sheet to the right)
Ctrl+Page Down (switch over to the previous sheet to the left)
Ctrl+Shift+L (enabling filter)
Ctrl+Shift++ (adding a column)
Alt H+O+I (auto resize column)
Alt H+N+V (enabling pivot table)
Ctrl+; = (insert current date)
Ctrl+Shift+; (insert current time)
Ctrl+H (find and replace)
ALT+N+V+T (create pivot table)
F2 (edit cell content)

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