Engineering Student Tips

Here are some valuable lessons learned for engineering students:

✔️Network with people outside of your class.
Universities are the most convenient spots to meet MANY talented people (biz, law, humanities, etc).

✔️Learn personal finance ASAP.
That means navigating your retirement accounts, taxes, loan repayment, credit cards, and budgeting.
Ask knowledgeable people, do research, and take free online courses (Khan Academy, Coursera).

✔️Be computer savvy. Learn Python or MATLAB and know excel like a beast.

✔️Know useful engineering programs. Look at job postings in your field and see what they’re after (eg SolidWorks, ANSYS).

✔️Be comfortable public speaking. Try Toastmasters.

✔️Extracurriculars (eg student orgs) are one of the best ways to build your soft skills, network, and land a job. It is now essential to be competitive.

✔️Take the FE exam (step 1 to PE licensure). It’s a LOT easier when the fundamentals are fresh!
The pass rates are high, it’s a highly marketable qualification, and the exam is cheap.

✔️Most university recruiting happens fall/early winter.
EHEM freshmen! Score your 1st internship early.

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